Becoming Like Christ

Jesus' last words with His disciples recorded in John 13-17 provide deep, rich, insight into His heart and life. You'll be encouraged and challenged to become more like Christ in the way you love, abide in Him, pray, and love God's glory as you study these words of Christ and how they were understood by His disciples.





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Message Summaries


Loving Like Christ

If we are to become like Christ, we must live to love like Jesus loves us. You'll learn why the Apostle John wrote, "He loved them to the end." Jesus loves His own as they live to love through Him.


Abiding Like Christ (Part 1 and 2)

The secret of Jesus' life and ministry was the Father's abiding in Him and He abiding in the Father. That's how He was able to love. If we are to become like Jesus, we must grasp the same glorious truth: Jesus abides in us and we in Him.


Praying Like Christ

Jesus knew His disciples needed to know their prayers were heard by the Father. Observations from Jesus' teaching on prayer and His prayer in John 17 give wonderful insight into how you can have confidence in prayer.


Loving the Glory of God Like Christ

If we are to become more like Jesus, we must love the glory of God like He did. It was the motivating power in His life. If you live for the glory of God, you?ll become more like Christ.


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