Eqipped to Love

Nothing glorifies God more than when we love with His kind of love. In a self-centered world such as ours, nothing stands out more than someone who knows how to love from a pure heart. Healthy, God-glorifying, enduring relationships depend upon the flow of God's love. But that's not an easy thing to facilitate. Although we know we ought to love, we don't come by it naturally.

Equipped to Love presents practical insights into the dynamic of what hinders one's freedom to love with God's kind of love - the spirit of idolatry. It also focuses on the Source of one's ability to love - a relationship with the Spirit of God. You'll learn to distinguish between God's kind of love and the world's kind of love. Harmful, hidden motivations which hinder ability to love will come to light, resulting in a greater freedom to love. You'll also be equipped to recognize the characteristics and destructiveness of idolatry, as well as the nature and healing which comes from the Spirit of God as He loves through you. Jesus Christ equips you to love! By the grace of God, you'll never be the same.

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