A Tribute to God's Glorious Grace

"A Tribute to God's Glorious Grace" contains 15 songs written by Norm Wakefield, performed by him, members of his family and friends. Two of the songs were written for his daughters' engagements and weddings, one encouraging fathers to lead their sons to Jesus, and one glorifying God for His wonder in creation through their special needs daughter. The remainder are songs of worship and praise.

"We invite you to join us in the worship of our Lord Jesus Christ for the blessing of His glorious grace. It is our prayer that you will be ushered into His presence, encouraged by the Scriptures and powerful truths of God's gospel, and touched by the Father's heart for us, his children. Our goal in "Glorious Grace" is not a perfected, polished performance, but a warm, joyful, simple expression of our gifts and a tribute to God's wonderful gospel shared in the songs God has given. May God cause hearts to be lifted to Him and to delight in Him!"

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List of Songs

It's Time to Stand Up and Praise the Lord

Filled With the Hope of Glory

We Are Sons (Daughters) of the Most High God

Honor the Spirit

Instruments of Blessing

Two Souls Become One (Robert & Alyssa's song)

Rejoicing in His Love(Seth & Abby's song)

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (Amanda's song)

Leading Your Son to Jesus (Micah's song)

Delighting in the Lord (Jesus' song!)

My Heart Belongs to You

I Acknowledge Your Presence

I Quiet My Soul

You Are Worthy of Our Worship

Glorious Grace


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