Below is the list of individual messages available for MP3 download. A high speed Internet access is highly recommended to download any MP3 files.

Message Title Cost Qty.
What's A Mom To Do with Teenage Sons? (2017) $4.00
Preparing Teens for Christ-Centered Relationships $4.00
What About College? $4.00
Eternal Perspective $4.00
Incarnating the Gospel $4.00
Life With Amanda $4.00
Anchored in Christ $4.00
Avoiding the Spirit of Control $4.00
The Curse of the Standard Bearers (Hour version) $4.00
Forerunners for the Next Generation $4.00
The Power of Humility in Parenting $4.00
The Most Powerful Words Ever Spoken $4.00
How to Care for the Hearts of Your Children $4.00
Living Your Purpose $4.00
Living to Love with Jesus $4.00
All Individual Messages on MP3 $40.00


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