Friday Night: It's A Matter of Identity: Who are you?
When a child doesn?t know who he is, who he belongs to, or where his power source lies, he is left searching for someone to imitate. Insights from the Identity Principles helps parents understand God?s plan for preparing the next generation for life. You'll learn how to "seal" your child?s identity and secure their heart.

Saturday Morning: The Calling Out of Sons: What's a Father to Do?
For generations, fathers have done the best they could with what they had. But what many didn't have was vision for what to do with their sons. Hopefully this session will have a generational effect as fathers learn how to help their sons transition from boyhood to manhood. This message also explains why many in this generation struggle in marriage and parenting. 

God's Blueprint for Blessing the Family: Home-based Discipleship
Do you want to build a godly legacy that will last generations? Norm shows God's plan for preparing the next generation for the Lord with an overview of a century of biblical history. The Spirit of Elijah, the Holy Spirit, turns the hearts of men to God, their wives, and their children so that the next generation may be prepared to walk with God. 

Saturday Afternoon/Evening Options
Living With An Eternal Perspective: The Key to Wisdom

Are you training your children to live in the here-and-now, according to what they can see and touch, or are you teaching and demonstrating the power and wisdom of living with an eternal perspective? This message will transform the way you live each day and encourage you and your family to experience the presence and power of God needed to walk in His wisdom and blessing.

Anchored in Christ: Building on the Solid Rock
One of the goals of home-based discipleship is giving your children a firm foundation upon which to live their lives. Anchored in Christ reveals why the gospel is the power of God for salvation-a salvation that's much more than "going to heaven when you die." The gospel taught and lived should be a daily subject in your home. You'll learn the four words that sum up all of life with Jesus Christ, and they are... (Based on his book Anchored in Christ).

Optional Sunday morning message for church worship service
Equipped to Love: Building a Legacy of God's Love

Everyone knows they ought to love, but not everyone knows how. The greatest hindrance to building a legacy of God?s love is the spirit of idolatry. Idolatry is the world's counterfeit to God's kind of love. Norm gives practical insight into one of the greatest challenges facing homeschooling families--loving relationships. Marriages and parent/child relationships may be healed and strengthened as a result of these truths. (Based on his book, Equipped to Love).

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