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Equipping Men - Individual MP3 Messages

Below is the list of individual messages from the Equipping Men series available for MP3 download. All MP3 messages are at a lower sound quality than CD's. A high speed Internet access is highly recommended to download any MP3 files.

MP3 Titles Cost Qty.
It's a Matter of Identity: Know who you are $2.00
The Power of Integrity: Be the same man in all places all the time $2.00
God's Blueprint for the Family: Learn two parts to God's blueprint for blessing $2.00
The Spirit of Elijah: The power that turns the hearts of men $2.00
Fathers: God's Forerunner $2.00
Prepare the Way of the Lord: Lead your children to get ready to know Christ $2.00
The Calling Out of Sons, Part 1: Fathers call sons out to themselves then to God $2.00
The Calling Out of Sons, Part 2: Fathers call sons out to themselves then to God $2.00
A Father and His Daughter: Fathers provide affirmation of womanhood $2.00
Living to Love (Equipped to Love): Give to others without expectations $2.00
Idolatry-free Loving (Equipped to Love): Looking to God as the source of your life frees you to love $2.00
Restoring Relationships: Overcome road blocks in relationships through the gospel $2.00
Pursuit of Happiness: Selfishness and the world cannot produce happiness $2.00
Spirit of Holiness: The Holy Spirit is God's power given to satisfy our souls $2.00
Beware the Wolf: Sexual expression is a form of worship; who are you worshipping? $2.00
Sexual Purity: The will of the Lord is sexual purity $2.00
Go With the Flow: Living in the Word of God is the key to peace and power $2.00
Jurisdictional Leadership Principles: These principles produce order, peace and security $2.00
Vision Principles: God's vision is to make you like Christ - what's your vision? $2.00
Leading With Vision: Men who lead with vision are wise and courageous $2.00