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Teenagers 101 Message Descriptions

Run to Win
Most teens don't think about their actions in light of a day of judgment. Many Christians mistakenly think because they are "saved by grace" they won’t have to give an account for their words or actions. The Bible teaches we all have a race to run and a finish line to cross in life. How are we to run these laps in the race so that we can win the prize at the end? This message will encourage young people and parents to run the race with purpose and hope.

Rethink the Way You Live
Who teaches you how to live? Jesus came to call us to discipleship in the kingdom of the heavens. His challenge to His generation was: rethink the way you live your life; the kingdom of heaven is very near and available. His challenge is still the same. What does this mean to you and your preparation for life? Discover how to make your teen a disciple of the Kingdom.

Preparing Your Teens for Life
The Bible has a lot to say about training and preparing young people for life. Have you noticed the teen "curriculum" stated in Scripture? Norm gives an overview of this curriculum and practical ways you can prepare your young adults for life.

I'm Old Enough to Make My Own Decisions! - Part 1 and 2
Have you ever had this thought? Or heard your teen say it? Many parents and young adults suffer great damage in their relationships because they don't understand what God's Word has to say about how they should relate to each other. The first part answers two questions. 1) Is the right to make one's own decision a matter of age or gender? 2) How do we know who has the right to make a decision or give vision? In the second part, two more important questions are dealt with. 1) What truths should guide a young adult's relationship with his or her parents? And 2) Do others have any right or place to intervene between parents and a teen?

Preparing for Christ-Centered Relationships
Scripturally speaking, there is very little guidance for the popular topics of courtship and betrothal, but the Bible has much to say about building guilt-free relationships that are Christ-centered. This workshop presents various passages of Scripture that have direct application to leading your young adults in preparing for marriage.

What About College?
Norm's son, Micah, explains the benefits of getting a college degree from home. He also provides valuable information to help give vision to young people in how they can save time and money in the process.

What's a Mom to Do With Teenage Sons?
"He won't listen to me!" Your son's got problems. What are you going to do about him? When a son reaches ages 10-12, something changes that makes mothering him a challenge. Learn what's happening and what to do about it.

Passing on the Blessings
How do parents keep from alienating their children when they have to correct and train them? What are the father's and mother's roles in this challenging process? Learn God's ordained plan for passing on the blessings to future generations.