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Chariot of Fire Blog

Do You Know His Name?

    What is the Father’s name? God? Righteous? Father? What did Jesus have in mind when He told His Father that He knew Him and had made His name known? These last words of Jesus’ prayer are worthy of our contemplation for a number of reasons.

Do You Love People Like You Love Cheesecake?


    Last month I invited my readers to make a New Year’s resolution to grow in love and to pray what I call the i-LivetoLove prayer every day. I suggested that you listen to the Holy Spirit to inspire you as you pray so that your prayer is authentic and vibrant. How’s that going for you? How has God used this exercise of faith in your life? I would love to hear from you. You can respond in the comments section, or with an email to info@spiritofelijah.com.

What's Your New Year's Resolution?

Make This Your 2019 New Year’s Resolution:
To Grow in Love for God and Others

    Have you thought about a New Year’s resolution for 2019? The chart below shows some of the most popular annual goals among the 68% of us who dream of being a better person in the new year. If you have thought about doing something this year to improve your life, I’m hoping my suggestion will be appealing: Resolve this year to grow in your love for God and for others.