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Chariot of Fire Blog

Learning to Trust and Obey

        “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.” Do you remember that line in the old hymn by John H. Sammis? It’s true, relevant, and proven. All believers in Jesus Christ go through times of testing so that they may learn this important lesson in walking with Jesus. Alma and I have had our share of opportunities to prove that God is faithful when we obey Him.

Worship Jesus in Your Problems

    Recently, some friends invited Alma and me to their home for a meal. After a delicious lunch, we asked how we could pray for them. They were in the midst of a serious ongoing problem. They are co-owners of a family business, and they informed us that they were out of money and were shutting it down the next day. The ripple effect would obviously affect the families of all of their employees and current customers. They didn’t see any other options and were facing the reality that apparently the Lord’s will was for the business to close. 

The Lord Goes Before You

I can’t remember a time when my audience more struggled to receive what I was teaching than when the group of 21 African pastors gathered under the shade of a large mango tree in the small village south of Mwanza, Tanzania. I was shocked when I heard that some of them didn’t own a Bible. How did they spiritually survive, much less lead God’s people in a spiritually hostile environment where witchcraft and Islam were engrained in the people? I thought it was important for them to understand jurisdictional principles so they could fight the spiritual fight with confidence in God’s sovereignty and in the flow of God’s Word. However, for two days, they struggled with the concept as it was presented and carefully translated into Swahili.