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Chariot of Fire Blog

A World of Love

Love never fails

God is love. The fruit of the Spirit is love. Jesus’ commandment is to love. The perfect bond of unity is love. Love is the proof that one knows God and is a disciple of Jesus. Love of the brethren is evidence that one has passed out of death into life. Love is the greatest of the three blessings of the gospel, faith, hope, and love. These things convinced me that the purpose of the existence of the body of Christ is to live to love with Jesus.

God's Vineyard

John 15:1-2

Jesus and His disciples had just finished their last meal together. As they finished, Jesus sent Judas to betray Him—quickly. The work of redemption began in earnest with the sending of Judas. He only had a few more minutes with His disciples before His rendezvous with Judas and the devil. His passion and love for the glory of His Father animated every fiber of His being as His Father’s words filled His heart and mind. The words of the Father were to set all of the children of God apart from the rest of mankind, the children of the devil.

The Great Conception - Jesus is Life

Last month, my blog topic was The Great Deception. I suggested that one of the top lies that Satan has convinced many to believe is this: that if a person is breathing in his body, then he is alive. That seed was planted in the heart of Adam and Eve and it led to the original sin that has destroyed the human race. Satan said, “You surely shall not die.” They ate the forbidden fruit, died, yet were still breathing in their bodies in this world.