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Chariot of Fire Blog

God's Love Unifies

God's Love Unifies

 Naturally, people unify with each other because they share similarities. Because people live for themselves, it is reasonable for them to connect with people who are like them. The more similar one is to another person, the more likely they are to get along with each other. What makes Christians so different is that they have the supernatural ability to love one another despite their differences—and offenses. It is the love of Christ that controls them instead of self.

Will You Have Confidence in the Judgement?

Ready for the Judgement?

Imagine being beside yourself with joy when you come to stand before Jesus Christ, knowing that you have pleased Him by spending your life getting to know Him better and loving others with Him. That can be your experience! Add to that an even greater joy that comes from knowing that you’ve been instrumental in discipling others, resulting in their ultimate happiness and joy in that day.

Love is the Proof

Love is the Proff

 Everyone who is a true child of God knows God and loves others. This beautiful growth of our relationship with Him happens because when God is saving us, the Father draws us to Jesus through the beauty of His love, the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and the power of the Holy Spirit.