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Message Descriptions

 Turning the hearts of people to God

Messages that turn the hearts of men to God,
their wives, and their children

The calling of God in Norm’s life has given him a heart for men and their families. His calling as a child of God has birthed an emphasis on the gospel and relationship with Jesus Christ. It forms the basis for wisdom in all aspects of life and is the strength of Elijah Ministries. As a husband, Norm longs to see marriages that glorify God. His calling as a father of four, has given him a heart for family. When God called Norm into the pastoral ministry, God led him to disciple and encourage men. Leading people into the presence of God has come from his calling as a worship leader. The desire of his heart is to see God glorified in His people as they apply God’s Word to their lives.

Below you will find short descriptions of many different messages Norm gives at conferences, retreats, and churches around the country and internationally. Please contact us for a complete list of messages.

Recent Messages

Do you know what the most powerful words are that have ever been spoken by God? In this message you’ll discover the words that God spoke to motivate and encourage His people for over 1250 years throughout the Scriptures. These same words are the words your spouses and children long to hear. They also can be motivational and encouraging to them. By the way they aren’t, “I love you.”
Workshop for Parents & Youth

(Book available: Live to Love)
Did you know that freedom and joy come from living to love with Jesus? Christians are to be known by their love. As homeschooling parents, we have the privilege of proving to our children that Jesus lives and transforms lives by the way we love. Do you want to sound like a clanging cymbal to your spouse or children? Of course you don’t! When we call ourselves Christians but don’t love like Jesus loves, our teaching and parenting is annoying. Learn the secret to loving like Jesus loves and experiencing freedom and joy in the process.

(Book available: Live to Love)
Christians are to be known by their love. As homeschooling parents, we have the privilege of proving to our children that Jesus lives and transforms lives by the way we love. Do you want to sound like a clanging cymbal to your spouse or children? Of course you don’t! When we call ourselves Christians but don’t love like Jesus loves, our teaching and parenting is annoying. Learn the secret to loving like Jesus loves and parenting with integrity and love.

Producing obedient, intelligent, socially balanced, well-trained, and successful children are appealing goals, however, they aren’t the highest goal for homeschooling parents. The ultimate goal of the Apostle Paul’s instruction should be the same for all Christian homeschooling parents. Do you know what it is?

(Book available: Anchored in Christ)
Do you ever feel like you’re weathering a category 5 hurricane as you attempt to educate your children? Learn how to get anchored in Christ so you can withstand whatever comes your way and lead your children to do the same.

(In Raised Up With Christ series)
How easy it is to become discouraged when we have our minds set on the daily grind and struggles of life. God has ordained that those who maintain an eternal perspective in life will receive grace and strength for the tasks He calls them to do. Your heart will be encouraged as you hear what God’s Word has to say about keeping an eternal perspective. You’ll learn how to live in heaven while you are on the earth!

(In Equipping Men series)
For generations fathers have done the best they could with what they had. What many men didn’t have was vision for what to do with their sons. This session may have a generational effect as fathers learn how to help their sons transition from boyhood to manhood. This message also explains why many in this generation struggle in marriage and parenting.

(In Teenagers 101 series)
Many homeschool mothers grieve over the conflict that often occurs between them and their sons, especially as the enter the teen years. How does a mother handle the transition of her little boy as he begins to identify with his father and manhood? What is her role? What can she do to not alienate her son as she gives instruction? You learn the answers to these questions and more!

Norm explains the vast difference between living by standards and living in relationship with the Holy Spirit. Children easily discern if parents are more concerned about their reputation and outward appearance than they are about expressing the love of Christ and honoring God’s work in the hearts of others. You’ll learn how the curse of living by standards can be broken in your relationship with God and others and the blessing of living in the power of the Holy Spirit.

One of Satan’s schemes is aimed at sincere, committed Christian parents. The scheme is designed to draw the parents into relationships where they seek to exercise control over others for their own reputation and convenience under the guise of loving others. You’ll learn how you can avoid this terribly destructive and tiring pitfall in parenting.

Like John the Baptist was the forerunner for Jesus Christ to the nation of Israel, parents are forerunners for Jesus Christ to their children. Drawing from the life of John the Baptist, Norm helps us see the responsibilities of forerunners and how to prepare the way of the Lord in the hearts of our children.

(In Equipping Men series)
Do you want to build a godly legacy that will last for generations? This message presents God’s plan for preserving and preparing generations for the Lord. The Spirit of Elijah, the Holy Spirit, turns the hearts of men to God, their wives, and their children so that the next generation may be prepared to walk with God.

(In Rising to the Call series)
Did you know it is possible to hear but not hear and see but not see? Jesus told his disciples that if they didn’t learn this lesson, they couldn’t understand all of his teaching. If parents know how to train their children to listen, they will have given them the foundation for a life of learning.

(In Equipping Men series)
Most everyone feels a need to perform, handle life’s problems, and be happy. If parents understand how to lead their children to God’s power for these things, their children wouldn’t be as vulnerable and susceptible to the ways and vices offered by the world. This message equips parents to lead their children past the destructive pitfalls of the world into a faith in God armed with spiritual discernment.

(In Equipping Men series)
One of the dangers in parenting is to overlook the importance of shepherding the heart of your child. Why is the child’s heart so important? How does a parent care for a child’s heart? What do you do if a child’s heart has closed down to you? This message provides practical suggestions and answers to these important questions.

(In Rising to the Call series)
Who has your children’s hearts? It will be whoever they think offers them the most hope. That’s the power of hope. So often parents teach their children right from wrong, but fail to introduce the important dynamic of hope into their lives. Frequently the result is teenagers that stray from the teaching and lifestyle of their parents as they adopt the norms and values of our culture. Learn how to fill your family with hope as you disciple your children.

(In Equipping Men series)
Without vision each family member is unrestrained. However, when they are led with God’s vision, there is order, security, and peace. This message equips parents to resolve conflict and skillfully lead their family. A peaceful home atmosphere with order and vision provides an optimal environment for learning.

(In Equipping Men series)
You’ll gain an overall understanding and practical application of the idea of jurisdiction by looking at how God is running the universe. This lesson is a companion lesson to Leading With Vision. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot any problem by applying jurisdictional principles both at home and at work.

(In Equipping Men series)
When people don’t know who they are and are insecure about their identities, they search for someone to belong to. Insights from four identity principles helps parents understand God’s plan for sealing your children’s identities and secure their hearts.

(In Rising to the Call series)
One of the greatest needs of wives and children is to have a husband or father who knows how to be relational. Norm explains what it means to be relational and then gives practical suggestions for how to improve. Your wife and children will love it!

(In Rising to the Call series)
What does it mean to have a “calling”? You’ll learn how to recognize God’s callings in your life-relationships that He has established. Faithfulness in each calling leads to preparation for the next calling in life. If parents don’t understand their callings and how to teach their children about their callings in life, the next generation won’t be prepared for them. If we can define our callings, then we can rise to the call of God in our lives.

Recent Messages

Foundations are important, powerful, and are being created on a daily basis in your home. Do you know how to create a culture in your home that is based on the true gospel? If the foundations of the gospel are not clearly taught and applied, parenting usually is reduced to the tiring job of sin management. Consequently, the next generation isn’t anchored in Christ, but pressured to become religious, man-pleasers.

When someone criticizes us or accentuates our weaknesses, it can be hard not to put up a wall of protection and close our hearts to them. This happens more often with the people closest to us. You’ll learn what Paul called a “divine weapon” for the tearing down of walls in the heart and how the knowledge and presence of God can be manifested in your life to your spouse and children.

Sometimes it appears that love fails. However the Apostle Paul said love never fails. What kind of love is it that fails then? How does one discern the difference between God’s love and a failing love? Norm teaches the “love principle” from 1 John 4 which enables one to know and express God’s unfailing love in relationships.

Homeschooling children or teens often develop a wrong understanding about relationship with God from parents who give or withhold acceptance based on performance. Do you know how to give the blessing of an imperishable relationship even when another has disappointed or offended you?

One of the most powerful ways parents can add value to their relationships with their children is by growing in humility and learning how to express the humility of Christ to their children. Norm gives some practical ways that are sure to impact your children and increase your value to them.

We live in a time in history where the world is extremely aggressive. Homeschool fathers must know how to think and respond to sexual temptation as well as failures in the past. Being a man of integrity has a powerful effect on your family. You’ll learn how to teach your sons to live in moral purity.

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