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Give Jesus Glory by Telling His Stories

This year I have sought to encourage my readers with “Jesus stories,” testimonies of God’s presence and power at work in the lives of those who believe that He is with them to glorify His name. As the end of 2017 approaches, I want to share testimonies of God’s grace to individuals through His Word and Elijah Ministries. Many of you have supported this ministry in prayer as well as financially, and I want to encourage you and thank you. I also invite others to join the ministry in giving praise and glory to God for His grace to and through us. 

Each of the following testimonies that I’ve received this year ultimately testify to one thing: God’s grace is abundant toward His children solely on the merits of Jesus’ substitutionary sacrifice and righteousness. So as you read, let’s offer our Lord a sacrifice of thanksgiving and praise for His grace and glory bestowed on His children.


“Thanks again for responding so quickly! What a huge blessing to be able to get wisdom, discernment, and support for my son during this time. You have a way of putting it in a way that I truly understand and can apply. I have never realized before that I was managing sin! I will be asking God for wisdom on what coming alongside my son looks like. Having open hands with my children is something I have not done well at all. They are on His shoulders and not mine. Thank you for helping me to see where I was specifically going wrong with my son. Praise the Lord for His calling in your life and that you answered. May He continue to bless and multiply this ministry to bring new life to hurting families.”

From a single mom


"I work for a ministry here in Kenai who connects and maintains relationships with remote pastor families throughout AK and Western Canada to aid in their continued ability to serve from a thriving spiritual life. One of the aspects of our ministry is a vast collection of content made available to these families and servants for them to maintain their spiritual health. Would you be willing to allow us to post the links of your audio or video sessions to this private website for these missionaries to use? We know of about 130 families and currently have working relationships with over 80 of them. This would be a great asset to them." Thank you for considering and for the work you are doing.” (Our answer: Absolutely!)

From another of God’s servants


“About a year ago I purchased your “Equipping Men” CDs for my niece’s boyfriend. He had a rough background but was wanting to turn his life around, so I sent the series to him to encourage him to grow in his walk with the Lord. Just this past summer, out of the blue, he sent me a private message on Facebook. They had just gotten married the week before when he sent me the message. I wanted to copy and paste it in this email as an encouragement to you that the Lord is using you and your ministry to bless others. Here is his message:

‘Thank you Aunt __! God used you to bring me back to Christ. The Equipping Men series you sent me, I listen to everyday. I’m listening to it for a second time and will probably do it a 3rd since I listen in the car. Something so simple yet thoughtful has restored my relationship, and for the first time in about 6 years I walk through the spirit of Elijah. I thank God for using you to reach me, and I feel so much joy for you. The greatest feeling in the world comes when God uses us to lead people to Christ, and he used you. I don’t think words can express my gratitude for your faith and love. I love you and I wanted you to realize it was you that God used to bring me back on to the narrow path.’”

From an aunt who loved her niece and future spouse


“I met you at the Cincinnati Home School Convention and was deeply touched by your message on "Equipped to Love”. I bought and read the book right after I got home and am now re-reading it. I appreciate your thoughts, especially as this greatly influences my understanding of God’s love for me.”

From a dad who’s growing in God’s love


“Norm. I still have written the counsel you so graciously offered me in regard to my one (errant) son even while at the father-son conference with my other (now deceased) son.  Life is hard, but godly men like you, help us all find hope. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words to me.”

From a faithful dad 


We have used your messages in some of the trainings we have done with a university outreach group of about 60. We want them to love with God’s love and not the world’s love during the outreach. Thanks again for your sessions and your input. We are using it with another group in June.”  

From a campus minister in South Africa 


I was also extremely convicted and touched by a presentation you gave this past year at the Expo. My mother and I had barely spoken in 5 years because of her unhealthy behavior and accusations. I just kept praying after I heard you speak. I called my mom who was now in an assisted living center getting rehabilitation after breaking her back. Because of your talk, I was open to trying one more time, and we reconciled. We had a beautiful six months of reconciliation. We laughed and simply enjoyed each other once again. Then one day, I was asked to join her at the ER. She knew me immediately and smiled/opened her eyes the moment she heard my voice but could not speak. She passed away in a matter of minutes. During those moments I told her how much I loved her. I prayed over her and told her to look to Jesus. Then the Holy Spirit washed over us. It was the most amazingly peaceful time. It was a gift. That our merciful God would allow us reconciliation, six months to make happy memories, and for me to be alone with her at her passing. While my biological family is not Christian, God dealt mightily with her in the last days. I was at such peace. Thank you for speaking so beautifully. Thank you for allowing the Spirit to speak through you and use your ministry.”

 From a grateful daughter


What a blessing to be able to hear you speak at the convention. Your messages from the word of God were VERY impactful, especially the one on the Greatest Words Ever Spoken. I am wondering if you would allow me to preach that message to my church for Easter. Thank you so much for your ministry. Also, please thank Alma for ministering to my wife and encouraging her. We are so glad we went to the convention.”

From a pastor


“Our marriage of 27 years got a reset this weekend.”

From a husband and wife in Australia


These are all Jesus stories. I share them not to “toot my own horn,” because I would have no horn to toot nor air to blow, and others would have no ears to hear, if it were not for the glorious grace of God given freely to His children through Jesus Christ. Each is a testimony of God’s love, experienced and revealed in Jesus Christ, to Whom be the glory forever and ever. Amen.


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