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Rising to the Call Retreat

Turning the hearts of men to God

Friday Night

Session 1
Having Ears to Hear the Call

Did you know it’s possible to hear but not hear and see but not see? Jesus told His disciples that if they didn’t learn this lesson, they couldn’t understand all of His teaching. If parents know how to train their children to listen, they give them the foundation for a life of learning.

Saturday Morning

Session 1
Rising to the Call: Understanding God’s Callings in Our Lives

What does it mean to have a “calling”? Most men think of their vocation as their “calling”, but there are other callings in life that are more important. Faithfulness in each calling is preparation for the next calling in life. If fathers don’t understand their callings and how to teach their children about their callings in life, the next generation won’t be prepared for them. If we can define our callings, then we can rise to the call of God in our lives.

Session 2
Seven Qualities of a Family Leader

The Apostle Paul had the heart of a father for the members of the churches he planted. How did he face his weaknesses and opponents to his leadership? Many of his weaknesses and problems are those to which most men can relate. Insights from Second Corinthians give men some practical encouragement in how to be leaders of their families.

Saturday Afternoon

Session 3
Out of the Trenches, Men!

We’re in a war! The homeward focused father must become the “point man” for his family. The casualties in the spiritual battle always occur in the trenches. Learn the qualities of the ideal spiritual warrior as well as his most dreaded enemies. This message will call men out to stand in the battle as the spiritual protectors of their families.

Sunday Service

Anchored in Christ

One of the goals of home-based discipleship is giving your children a firm foundation upon which to live their lives. Anchored in Christ reveals why the gospel is the power of God for salvation-a salvation that’s much more than “going to heaven when you die.” The gospel taught and lived should be a daily subject in your home. You’ll learn the four words that sum up all of life with Jesus Christ, and they are? (Based on his book Anchored in Christ).

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