• Anchored in Christ: Facing Life's Trials with Peace
  • Looking Up: Faith at Work in Tough Times
  • Equipping Men: Practical Tools for Life's Issues

Introducing The Spirit of Elijah Ministries

The Spirit of Elijah Ministries mission is to build the Kingdom of God and the local church by equipping men and their families to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. This mission is accomplished through speaking at men's, family, and couples' retreats, church conferences, homeschool conventions, as well as through audio and video resources and printed materials.

Listen as Norm Wakefield explains how the purpose of this ministry is grounded in scripture - particularly Malachi 4:6 and Romans 1:16.



Global Challenge Expeditions Ministry

Global Challenge team

This month (November 15-24) I'll be leading the debrief for the Global Challenge Expeditions team which I helped train in February. They have traveled and served all over the world this year. Our ministry to them ripples throughout the world and will continue to move in and through their lives as they return to their homes and schools. Thank you for sending me to them. I have told them that I am able to serve them because there are brothers and sisters in Christ in the U.S. that love them and want them to walk in love with Christ for a lifetime. You can find more information about this ministry at https://www.gcex.org.

Would you consider contributing to Elijah Ministries to help provide for my ministry to them? Most of this ministry is at the expense of Elijah Ministries. The travel expense for the November ministry is $2200. If you would like to participate in this opportunity to minister to this year's team, please click the "Donate Now" button or you can send a check to the address below. Please note that you want to help with the South Africa mission.

Elijah Ministries
PO Box 377
Bulverde, TX 78163

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Chariot of Fire Blog

Love Grows

Live to Love
We ought always to give thanks to God for you, brethren, as is only fitting, because your faith is greatly enlarged, and the love of each one of you toward one another grows ever greater.
2 Thessalonians 1:3

Beware Idolatry

Thou shalt have no other gods before me

    According to the Scriptures, unbelief and the spirit of idolatry lie at the heart of every sin. God’s first of the Ten Commandments dealt with the iniquity of idolatry. As I mentioned in the last chapter, if someone doesn’t believe in the living God, he or she is going to have other gods.



 The other day I was helping a friend put in an air conditioner, and as we dropped it into place, the skin on the side of my little finger got pinched between the AC and the window frame. My immediate response was, “Ouch, That hurt!” All of a sudden, I wasn’t a happy camper like I was just moments before. When I calmed down a bit, I realized that I was the one who had been careless, and it caused me a lot of pain.



"Thanks again for your ministry to all of us guys at the Illinois camp, my sons and I were truly blessed by the weekend. I am excited to see God leading your ministry to focus on loving like/with Jesus. I believe this message has the potential to impact the Church greatly. "  -- Father/Son camp attendee


"Three years ago at the Teach Them Diligently Conference in Omaha, NE my son and I met you. At that time his dad had just left us and was living a very immoral lifestyle. You gave us two resources: Teenagers 101 and Equipping Men. We have just finished those two and have been reaping rewards from the wisdom gleaned! We can not thank you enough!
  -- single mom


"I enjoyed listening to your talks at the CHAP convention. For me, you were the highlight and blessing of the entire weekend. I intended to get to other speakers but ended up skipping others to catch all of yours."
  -- conference attendee


"I just would like to say how Mr. Wakefield has changed my life. (We know it's the Lord who does the changing :-) I thoroughly enjoyed the message that you gave us at the FEAST conference on How to Build a Foundation of Faith. Thanks so much for your ministry."
  -- homeschool conference attendee




Bible Studies

The Preeminence of Jesus

Listen to Norm's teaching from Colossians 1:15-20. This track is part of the Colossians Bible study series.

Are there situations and relationships that puzzle you or paralyze you? How would you like to have a foundational understanding of God and His purposes that enables you to answer some of the most common questions and challenges facing most men? Norm helps you see how to apply wisdom from above (James 3:17) to issues and questions to which most men need answers.

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Are you prepared for a Category 4 or 5 trial? Is your theological and spiritual foundation solid enough that when you face daily trials or temptations, your faith keeps you anchored in peace? Being firmly anchored in biblical truth is vital to your witness for Christ and your ability to glorify God in life.

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When the emotional, spiritual, or physical "big one" could happen at any time, everyone needs to be prepared with an unshakable faith. How quickly can you be caught in a mire of unbelief or doubt? Can your faith stand the storms of life? What is your faith built on? The shaky sand of the world or the solid Word of God? The purpose of "Unshakable Faith" is to establish a firm foundation for your faith through twelve challenging messages.

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